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Song You Need to Know: Nerdlinger, ‘Six String Demon’

Described as “a love/hate song, dedicated to live music”, Nerdlinger capture the ups and downs of the touring life on their latest single.

Image of Nerdlinger


Just a few months on from the release of “Dear Therapist”, Sydney outfit Nerdlinger have unveiled their latest track by way of “Six String Demon”.

Premiering on triple j’s short.fast.loud overnight, “Six String Demon” is the group’s second single of the year, and third since the release of their latest full-length album, 2018’s Happy Place.

Now though, the quartet have taken things up another notch with the blistering “Six String Demon”, which feels like a culmination of years spent touring and bringing their immersive punk sound to crowds around the world.

From humble beginnings in Sydney’s beachy southern suburbs, the group have gone on three Japanese tours, a US tour (including a trek to Florida’s infamous Fest), and over to New Zealand. At the end of it all, it takes its toll on an artist, but undoubtedly serves as validation for doing what you love. As a result, “Six String Demon” is effectively an ode to the double-edged sword of living the creative lifestyle.

“‘Six String Demon’ is a love/hate song, dedicated to live music,” explains Scotty McNairn. “The sleepless nights of touring, the frustration of writer’s block, and the undying love for it all.

“It’s painstaking, back breaking, soul taking; though always promises an exhilarating experience.”

Though it’s currently unclear whether “Six String Demon” is another stepping stone on a way to a larger body of work, it undoubtedly captures the live music experience better than any gritty tour diary ever could, and it’s one that every local musician can see themselves in.

Nerdlinger’s “Six String Demon” is officially released on October 29th via Pee Records.