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Song You Need to Know: Mylee Grace, ‘Someday Song’

A stunning single from Mylee Grace’s first new record in seven years, “Someday Song” is equal parts hazy, relaxing, and resonant.


As Mylee Grace moves toward the release of her first solo album, she’s been delivering a stellar run of singles, including the recently released “Someday Song”.

Officially released as a single late last month, “Someday Song” is a breezy cut from Grace’s forthcoming record, Whiplash in The Moshpit. Equal parts hazy and relaxing, yet still featuring the same sort of artistic brilliance that sets Grace apart from her other contemporaries, “Someday Song” resonates long after it has finished, with its endearing and inviting nature turning it into an impossibly blissful track.

In addition to its release as a single, “Someday Song” was also accompanied by a music video which arrived earlier this month, and features an almost dreamlike aesthetic to it. Directed by Loren Bradley and shot by Ed Triglione, the clip was filmed in the same location as the track was written, with Grace moving through a natural landscape, followed by a colourful group of women, including her own mother, Maria Stratton (who also appears as a multi instrumentalist on the upcoming album), drummer Fiona Franklin, and even Grace’s seven-year-old daughter, Goldie.

“Someday Song” is set to appear on Mylee Grace’s Whiplash in The Moshpit album when it arrives on Friday, November 19th. Her first solo album, it’s also Grace’s first release in seven years, having previously made a record with her partner – internationally-revered surfer Ozzie Wright – before also playing around Sydney as Mylee & The Milkshakes.

Since then, Grace found herself moving to Byron Bay to raise a family and make a name for herself in the world of fashion, craft, and lifestyle. Undoubtedly though, after some time away, the world is ready for another release from Mylee Grace, and both “Someday Song” and the forthcoming Whiplash in The Moshpit will easily whet that appetite.

Mylee Grace’s “Someday Song” is out now, while her album Whiplash in The Moshpit will be released on Friday, November 19th via Love Police Records & Tapes.