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Song You Need to Know: Molly And The Krells, ‘Silver And Gold’

One of the year’s best pop-punk anthems, Molly And The Krells have delivered a nostalgic classic by way of “Silver And Gold”.


Sydney outfit Molly And The Krells have delivered what is undoubtedly one of the year’s best pop-punk tunes, dropping “Silver And Gold” ahead of its official release on Friday.

Having first formed in 2016 following vocalist and bassist Blake Cateris‘ exit from his previous band, Molly And The Krells saw Cateris team up with three equally-inspired local musos to create an outfit that captured the raw power and energy of punk rock, filtered through the lens of many of the greats, including the likes of Against Me! and Jimmy Eat World.

With a handful of EPs to their name, 2020 saw the group unveil a pair of new singles by way of “What Went Wrong” and “Expectations”. Now, new single “Silver And Gold” sees the four-piece once again expanding their musical horizons, working with producer Stevie Knight as their deliver a hard-hitting punk anthem filled with the nostalgia of simpler times.

“For me, the premise of the song is the rekindling of an old friendship, recognising all the terrible things we let someone do to come between us and reconciling through the infinite wisdom of hindsight,” Cateris explains. “In a more general sense, for everyone else is this idea of not letting your ego get in the way of you and your mates.”

Slick, punchy, and proof that the future of Aussie punk is in good hands, Molly And The Krells’ “Silver And Gold” also comes accompanied by a video clip which adds a bit of context to the lyrics, and highlights the much-too needed nostalgia of good times spent with mates when the world was a little bit more normal.

Hopefully, a return to normalcy will also see Molly And The Krells returning to stages in the near future, armed with the uplifting energy of “Silver And Gold”.

Molly And The Krells’ “Silver And Gold” is officially released on Friday, August 27th.