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Song You Need to Know: Mia Rodriguez, ‘Billion Dollar Bitch’

A sleek dance-pop anthem that underlines one’s own self-worth, “Billion Dollar Bitch” is Mia Rodriguez at her absolute best.

Giulia McGauran*

If there’s one thing that the Australian music industry has come to learn in the last two years, it’s that Mia Rodriguez is one of the most innovative and arresting artists on the scene. Of course, if we needed any proof of this, one need only to take a look at her most recent single, “Billion Dollar Bitch”.

Released in mid-August, Mia’s first song of 2021 sees her teaming up with Yung Baby Tate for a slick and glistening piece of equally-menacing pop that oozes confidence, yet still maintains its humility.

“‘Billion Dollar Bitch’ is about being self-confident and knowing your worth,” Mia explained in a statement. “But at the same time, being a bit self-indulgent and giving into bad habits.

“I wrote it to be a hype-up track you can just yell to and feel good. I really love heavy bass, and was super excited to work with Mark Nilan Jr on production, and Salem Ilese with lyrics. When I first started working on the track, I knew I wanted a feature for some contrast, and Yung Baby Tate is such a cool rising star, so it was just a no-brainer to try work with her. Hope you enjoy, always remember your worth; Billions.”

“I knew when I heard this song it was a smash!” added Yung Baby Tate. “I am so excited that Mia asked me to be a part of this record, I know our fans are going to love it!”

While the track is already nearing 700k streams just a month on from its release, it’s also been turning heads thanks to its music video, which has itself been viewed over a million times. Featuring directorial work from Josh Harris, the bejewelled video was shot in both Melbourne and Los Angeles, and – in its own tongue-in-cheek way – showcases the importance of self-worth and self-confidence.

Mia Rodriguez might only be a handful of singles into her career, but the rising star – who won the Best New Artist at this year’s Rolling Stone Australia Awards – has already managed to make her trademark presence felt within the Australian music scene. If “Billion Dollar Bitch” is an indication of what to expect from Mia, then her future is as bright and shiny as her latest music video.

Mia Rodriguez’s “Billion Dollar Bitch” is out now via City Pop Records.