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Song You Need to Know: Mere Women, ‘Romantic Notions’

Recorded on the cusp of an impending lockdown, Sydney’s Mere Women have given a taster of their forthcoming record with its title track.

Chris Polak*

Three years on from their last full-length release, Sydney’s Mere Women are back with a brand new single, serving as the title track from their forthcoming record, Romantic Notions.

Premiering overnight, the new single captures the trademark sound established by the group over their decade-long existence, though its creation was a little different than most. Both the track and its corresponding album were written and rehearsed in a riverside cottage in Sydney, while it was recorded with Tim G Carr at One Flight Up studios in March, while threat of an impending lockdown loomed.

The foreboding threat of a lockdown, combined with its the associated anxiety brought about by a global pandemic made itself present throughout the recording process, providing an unsettling sense of unease and uncertainty within the mix, and giving everything an unusual edge.

The result though is one that still manages to fit seamlessly into the band’s celebrated back catalogue, and one that undoubtedly raises excitement about their upcoming fourth record. Equal parts tense and liberating, and armed with a feeling of controlled chaos that permeates their music and live shows, “Romantic Notions” sees Mere Women breaking new musical ground, whilst still maintaining that familiar vibe which has endeared them towards so many fans.

Accompanying the single is a music video, produced entirely by the band, and shot on the land of the Kuring-gai and Eora Peoples.

A dark, atmospheric clip that appears to take some guidance from the horror movie genre, it depicts a journey through the overpowering feelings of being under someone’s control, all while moving toward the liberation that comes through breaking free of dominance and realise one’s deep inner desires.

Mere Women’s “Romantic Notions” is out now, while their album of the same name will be released on March 5th, 2021, with pre-orders via Poison City available now.