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Song You Need to Know: Marcus Whale, ‘Impossible’

The latest single from his forthcoming album, ‘The Hunger’, “Impossible” sees Marcus Whale at his immersive best.


As Marcus Whale gets closer to the release of his forthcoming album, The Hunger, the creative juggernaut has offered up the reflective “Impossible” as his latest single.

Following on from the likes of “Undead” and “Two Holes” in recent months, “Impossible” showcases another side to the acclaimed artist, with pensive piano accompanying Whale’s soulful, soaring vocals as he invites us further into the inimitable fictional world found within The Hunger.

“‘Impossible’ is sung from the perspective of a vampire’s human servant who hopes to be welcomed into the bosom of the undead,” he explains. “Longing for transformation, this figure feels irrevocably different and distant from his beloved, knowing that even proximity is nothing compared to being turned.”

Having made the track during the first month of lockdown in 2020, “Impossible” almost feels like a fitting elegy for the normalcy we’ve come to miss, as we long for a transformation into what feels almost impossible to grasp.

Alongside the track, “Impossible” comes accompanied by a grainy, found footage-style clip, which sees director Kane Gaundar contextualising the single somewhat, pairing it with the sort of horrific footage such subject matter would expect to be paired with, while the contrasting beauty of the music plays out alongside the visuals.

“The video for ‘Impossible’ is shot like a found footage horror film of a pathetic, undead figure based loosely on the jiangshi, a form of reanimated corpse from Chinese folklore,” Whale explains.

“The video was shot by Kane Gaundar, one of my closest friends, who I first bonded with going to metal concerts many years ago. His knowledge of horror film and lore is immense and becoming closer to him helped me reclaim the gothdom of my teen years in a big way. We watch movies together, play RPG games and, finally now, have made something along the lines of what we love.”

“Impossible” is set to formally appear on The Hunger, the forthcoming album from Marcus Whale, which is available for pre-order now via his Bandcamp page.

In a statement released alongside the record’s announcement, Whale described The Hunger – itself “a a collection of songs told from the perspective of a vampire’s familiar” – as “adult contemporary album”, which sees the horror of the vampire almost personalised, turning a normally-horrific notion into something intimate and immersive

Marcus Whale’s “Impossible” is out now.