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Song You Need to Know: Maison Hall, ‘Montreux’

Six years since they played their last show, indie-rock duo Maison Hall are back, armed with the “celebratory” new single, ‘Montreux’.

Image of Maison Hall

Rylee Olsson*

It’s been a few years since the release of their debut album, It Was Never About Me, but Aussie indie outfit Maison Hall have been far from lazy recently, sharing their latest single, “Montreux”, ahead of its official release later this week.

Comprising Ben Byron on drums and backing vocals, and Joe Kneipp guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocals, Maison Hall burst onto the scene six years back, but soon after they released their first full-length, the pair turned their attention to other musical projects. Having first formed in Brisbane back in the day, there’s been a little bit of moving around in the years since, but the core musical abilities of Byron and Kneipp remains, with Maison Hall returning even stronger and sharper than ever before on “Montreux”.

Describing the track as “a love letter to the connection between the left and the right sides of the brain”, “Montreux” feels like it’s been plucked right out of the English indie-rock scene of the late ’00s. Think bands like The Wombats, The Kooks, Maxïmo Park, or the more recent Catfish and The Bottlemen and you’re on the right track.

Ultimately though, “Montreux” is a track that serves as the return of an outfit that captured hearts and minds some years ago.

“‘Montreux’ is celebratory,” explains Kneipp. “Not just because we’re still doing this, but because we’re still doing this despite our ‘real-life’ obligations, the distance between us, the total absence of pecuniary success, etc.

“We are so divorced from any external validations – the simple fact is, I love making music, and I love making music with Ben. And we’re gonna keep fucking doing it!”

To celebrate the release of “Montreux”, Maison Hall are set to launch the single with a run of live shows across Brisbane, Melbourne, and Victoria next month. Full details are available below.

Maison Hall’s “Montreux” is officially released on Friday, January 21st.

Maison Hall – “Montreux” Single Launch Dates

Thursday, February 3rd
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD (18+)
Tickets: Eventbrite

Friday, February 11th
The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (18+)
Tickets: Eventbrite

Sunday, February 13th
Gang Gang Cafe, Canberra, ACT (18+)
Tickets: Oztix