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Song You Need to Know: LT, ‘How Would It Feel’

A reflection on themes of love, greed, and humanity, LT asks the listener what would change in one’s life if they did indeed have everything they ever desired.


Six months on from her latest single, LT (formerly known as Leanne Tennant) has returned with the atmospheric dream-pop anthem that is “How Would It Feel”.

Arriving earlier this week, the breezy, uplifting track sees LT putting her mesmerising voice front and centre as a luscious instrumental swells in the background, complementing a lyric which ruminates on the notion of taking what we have as humans for granted. Discussing themes of love, greed, and humanity, the single asks what would change in one’s life if they did indeed have everything they ever desired.

“During lockdown I started thinking about how greedy we have become as a human race and how high our expectations are,” LT explains. “I think it made me realise just how much we take for granted and that all we really need is our health, the beautiful world around us, and some form of human connection. Everything else is secondary.

“I then started thinking about life outside of the pandemic and things returning to a new kind of normal and what that would look like. Will we resume our normal way of life, or will our needs and wants continue growing or will we learn something from all of this? I imagined a world where everyone gets everything they’ve ever wanted and how that might change your relationships with others. If you had everything you ever wanted, would you still need the things you wanted to before?”

A powerful notion, “How Would It Feel” puts this question to the listener as they lose themselves within the gorgeous track, allowing the poignancy of the statement to sit with you as its realities and possibilities emerge.

Adding to the vibrancy of the track, “How Would It Feel” also comes paired with a slick visual which sees LT working with director Chelsey Johnston to craft a gorgeously organic video that showcases on what we are lucky enough to have, rather than the hypothetical ‘what if’.

“My talented friend Chelsey Johnston worked on this video again,” LT notes. “We had so much fun recording the last video for ‘Hold Ya’ that we were keen to continue mucking about making more art. I was keen for this clip to focus less on myself as a character and more on the dreamy world around us, so we decided to focus on the stunning place we are lucky enough to call home – Cairns in Far North Queensland.

“We spent the day hiking, creek hopping and chasing the night sky and then at the end of the day we cruised up to a well-known lookout spot waiting for the sun to set. Just as soon as the sky began to stain itself with intense pinks and reds, it quickly disappeared and gifted us with the most enormous full moon on the clearest of nights. It was a really special end to a lovely day.”

LT’s “How Would It Feel” is out now.