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Song You Need to Know: Loren Kate, ‘One of These Days’

Set to appear on her forthcoming album, Nobody Knows, Loren Kate cuts deep with her powerful new single.

Image of Loren Kate


South Australian musician Loren Kate has given fans a taste of her forthcoming album, sharing the gorgeous “One of These Days” ahead of its official release this week.

Equal parts heartfelt and personal, “One of These Days” has been a long time coming for Loren, having recorded the track over a year ago yet only giving it its official release in March of 2022.

“There have been so many delays and set backs that it actually feels like such a relief to finally let this song sail into the world,” she explains. “I haven’t released anything for a few years so feel very excited to bring something new into the world.”

Working with the likes of producer Shane Nicholson, “One of These Days” is set to appear on her forthcoming Nobody Knows album, which will arrive on May 20th. A powerful track that weaves together a personal struggle with delicate and heartfelt instrumentation, Loren explains that she had to see the world through the eyes of her brother to write this particular track.

“I stood in my brother’s shoes to write ‘One of These Days’,” she explains. “He has struggled for almost as long as I can remember with a drug addiction. We were really close growing up and I spent so much of my earlier years thinking I was responsible for making his life better. That I had to somehow fix things.

“I have had to distance myself from that idea now, but still spend plenty of time trying to understand him, putting myself in his shoes and trying to work out where it all started,” she adds. “So I wrote this song. It’s a song about finding yourself at rock bottom, starting with nothing, and finding the tools to build a way out of heartbreak and shattered circumstances.”

With the powerful and heart-rending backstory not only adding to, but strengthening the raw beauty and meaning behind the track, it’s clear that “One of These Days” is a mighty indicator of just what lays in store for the majestic Loren Kate.

Loren Kate’s “One of These Days” is released on March 31st.