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Song You Need to Know: Lili Crane, ‘Lemonade’

A masterclass of alt-pop and indie-rock, Lili Crane has knocked it out of the park with her new guitar-driven single, “Lemonade”.


As Newcastle artist Lili Crane continues to make her mark on the local scene, the stunning musician has unveiled her latest single, with “Lemonade” showcasing her exceptional talents.

Having emerged onto the scene back in 2019 with the oddly-prescient “Don’t Take My Mask Off”, Crane has shared a handful of new songs since, highlighting an inimitable indie-rock sound which evokes memories of names such as Soccer Mommy, Beabadoobee, and Australia’s own Ruby Fields. But with her own unique approach to music, it’s hardly any surprise that new single “Lemonade” sees Crane carving out her own niche within the Aussie musical landscape.

“‘Lemonade’ stemmed from a conversation I had with this guy on a driveway at 1am on New Year’s Night, after all the midnight celebrations,” Crane explains of the deep, introspective single. “He was talking to me about how he feels like he’s just going through the motions in life and doesn’t really have any purpose.

“It got me thinking about our creativity, imaginations and endless limitations that we have as children that very quickly get shut down by societal pressure and expectation as we get older. So many live to work and just survive through life because they don’t feel like they are worthy of what they truly desire.”

Recorded at her own home in Newcastle, the slick piece of guitar-driven alt-pop was mixed and mastered by Gareth Hudson (Briggs, Amy Vee) and Joseph Carra (Courtney Barnett, Kate Miller-Heidke), respectively, helping Crane finalise the creative process it’s taken her some time to navigate.

“After re-recording and deleting things for months because I couldn’t figure out what direction I was going in (also going through hectic emotions because I was getting frustrated with how slowly things were coming together),” Crane explains. “I finally created something that sounded, to me, like it could go places. The process literally flew from there!”

With “Lemonade” premiering this week, the track also comes accompanied by an endearing music video which sees Crane teaming up with her guitarist (and talented videographer) Brayden Porter to share a clip comprising puppets, performances, and pop-perfection.

“We knew we wanted this video to be super hectic and out there and so Bray had this awesome idea to create puppets and use them to portray ‘Floppets’, the rebellious, angsty characters who get up to no good,” Crane explains. “A couple of days after our first shoot, Newcastle went into lockdown and so we had to change everything up a little bit.

“The video portrays a contrast between the fun and colourfulness of the years when we were younger and the darkness that can be caused as we get older and are faced with more stresses and feelings of hopelessness and not being good enough. The end of the video represents how when one door closes another will open and everything is always going to work out.”

Lili Crane is also on track to perform a launch show for “Lemonade” at the Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle in late October, with details available below.

Lili Crane’s “Lemonade” is officially released on September 15th.

Lili Crane – “Lemonade” Launch Show

Saturday, October 23rd
The Hamilton Station Hotel,
Newcastle, NSW