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Song You Need to Know: Last Dinosaurs, ‘Collect Call’

Emerging from a global pandemic with a new single, Last Dinosaurs have kicked off their new era with the anthemic “Collect Call”.

Image of Last Dinosaurs

Luke Woodfield*

Close to two years since the release of their last single, “Flying”, beloved indie-rockers Last Dinosaurs have returned with their newest track, the anthemic “Collect Call”.

Having first formed back in 2009, it was almost exactly a decade ago that Last Dinosaurs truly made their presence felt, debuting within the ARIA top ten with their first album, In a Million Years. This was just the beginning of a stellar career that still continues today, with the band last releasing an album by way of 2018’s Yumeno Garden.

Closing out 2019 with “FMU” and kicking off 2020 with “Flying”, it seemed as though these last two years should have been filled with plenty of touring and activity for the great Last Dinosaurs. Unfortunately, due to countless setbacks (including a rather notable global pandemic), it’s taken a while for the group to get back into the swing of things.

Now though, they’re kicking things off good and proper with “Collect Call”, a stellar rock anthem that captures the true Last Dinosaurs sound we’ve all come to know and love.

“I felt like I saw a lot of depression during this time, like COVID, although barely existent in our state, had still taken its toll on people,” recalls Lachlan Caskey of the inspiration behind the song. “People who I thought could be doing much better seemed to have not grown at all, seemed stagnant yet still ageing.

“It’s like even their stomping grounds were growing more than they could keep up with. Too much emotional history: grudges and ego defeats keeping them down. Therefore this song is a heartfelt gesture of encouragement to those who feel a bit beaten down by their own self-sabotaging behaviours.”

Truly, it’s a powerful song that is undeniably encouraging to all who listen. And it seems as though this encouragement has spread to the band as well, who will be celebrating the release of the new song shortly after, with an extensive run of tour dates planned for the UK, Europe, US, and Mexico.

Currently, there’s no word as to when the band will be touring Australian stages, or if “Collect Call” is the first taste of a new album, but in standard Last Dinosaurs fashion, you can be sure it won’t be too far off.

Last Dinosaurs’ “Collect Call” is out now.