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Song You Need to Know: Kingswood, ‘Out of Colour’

Releasing ‘Reveries’ last week, Kingswood have reimagined their acclaimed third album in an entirely different light.

Last week brought with it the news that Melbourne rockers Kingswood had utilised their time spent in lockdown to emerge with a fully-formed new record, with Reveries serving as a reimagined version of Juveniles, which was released just as COVID-19 restrictions were announced.

The product of an unintended year, Reveries sees the group stripping down their third album to create something far more introspective. Gone are the pounding drums, soaring vocals, and slick guitar lines, with softer instrumentation – including appearances from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra musicians – taking its place.

“We decided to re-record the album in its entirety but this time, each song would be crafted for a sole listener,” the group explained. “In an armchair by a fire, on a walk through the bush, to reflect our emotional states and the true essences of each song; in the hope that it would perhaps console others in the way that it has now for us. It is an album that is cinematic; let it score your day.”

Recorded across four days at Newmarket Studios, Reveries sees Kingswood working again with BAFTA nominated engineer Guus Hoevenaars (Woodes, Scissor Sisters), with each of the original tracks being renamed in accordance with their reimagining.

A perfect example of this is seen by way of the raucous “Ready Steady”, which frontman Fergus Linacre described as being the “most fun song to dance to on [Juveniles]”, despite being a “story of a break up”.

“Al [Laska, guitarist] wrote this when he was in LA and amidst the break up, by the time we recorded things were back on track and I think that’s why the song feels triumphant rather than sad,” Linacre explained at the time of the record’s release.

Renamed “Out of Colour” for its inclusion on Reveries, the track is given a total reworking, with its rhythmic composition being replaced by wistful instrumentation, allowing the listener to experience the song in a wholly different light, and highlighting the inherent sadness which may be lost within the upbeat nature of the original.

A fitting album to arrive in a year such as 2020, both “Out of Colour” and the remainder of Reveries is a testament to the masterful versatility of Kingswood, and undoubtedly leaves their voracious fans eager to see what the near future holds.

Kingswood’s Reveries is officially out now, with a limited-edition run of vinyl pressings available for pre-order now.