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Song You Need to Know: Kee’ahn, ‘Better Things’

A proud Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadth Kes song woman, Kee’ahn has knocked things out of the park with her debut single, the soulful “Better Things”.


It’s often rare for an artist to knock things out of the park so perfectly on the first try, but then again, it’s rare to find an artist as mesmerising as Kee’ahn.

A proud Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadth Kes song woman, Kee’ahn has recently found herself moving from her home town in North Queensland to the Kulin Nation (that is, Melbourne) to further her music career.

Arguably one of the best decisions in recent musical memory, music-lovers have now received the first taste of this stunning artists’ work, with “Better Things” officially releasing last week.

While her name means to dance, to sing, and to play, Kee’ahn honours both her name and her Ancestors with her debut track, which fuses slinky melodies with a soulful, hazy vocal that would fit perfectly in those iconic underground clubs that fostered the careers of the greats.

“As a First Nations woman, my connection to music is strong because of my connection to my culture,” Kee’ahn explains. “I come from a long line of disruptors. My matriarchs were told to quieten their voices, but our stories were always shared and heard.

“My voice and my music allows me to connect to my Ancestors and to my purpose.

“I wrote ‘Better Thing’s when I was going through a hard time; a relationship and emotional breakdown, home sickness in a far away city – an overwhelming feeling of being lost and alone,” Kee’ahn adds.

“This song is about being grateful for what I have, looking towards the future and having hope. I think that’s how I’ve been able to share my voice, express my emotions, and heal through my music. With today’s situation, when we are all experiencing loneliness and isolation, I hope that my music can help others.”

Recorded and produced by Pataphysics, with visuals created by Yawaru + Djugan photographer/designer Michael Jalaru Torres, and featuring backing vocals by her father, Maxwell Lenoy, the creation of “Better Things” was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Likewise, the track is also supported by Homelands, a collective of young and established First Nations artists and guest arts practitioners who come together to connect through song with audiences at gatherings around the world.

Having seen widespread acclaim since its recent release (including airplay on triple j Unearthed and Sydney’s 2SER), “Better Things” is set to be released on Kee’ahn’s upcoming debut album, In Full Bloom, though no details regarding the record’s release have been announced as yet.