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Song You Need to Know, Joe Mungovan, ‘Lemon + Lime’

Joe Mungovan continues his reputation as a fine purveyor of summer vibes with his latest breezy cut, “Lemon + Lime”.

Image of Joe Mungovan

Joe Mungovan will officially release his new single, "Lemon + Lime", on February 17th.

Ruby Boland*

Just a few months on from the release of his latest track, New South Wales artist Joe Mungovan is back with his first song of 2021, the breezy “Lemon + Lime”.

Having been creating stellar music since a young age, Mungovan has spent most of the last decade sharing his compositions with the world, with two albums to his name, and a litany of singles being released in the last few years alone. An accomplished purveyor of smooth indie-rock delivered with passionate intensity, Mungovan’s last release came by way of September’s “You + Me”, which arrived to prominent acclaim from his dedicated fanbase.

Now, as 2021 finds itself kicking into gear, Mungovan has offered up the blissful “Lemon + Lime” ahead of its official release later this week.. Written in his home studio in the South Coast town of Kiama, and featuring production from Tim Carr, “Lemon + Lime” is a slick cut inspired by a girl Mungovan met after a show in Germany. “We had a magical time together and I tried to encapsulate the feeling of that night in the sonic elements of the song,” he recalls.

“‘Lemon + Lime’ is a track I’ve been working on for about 6 months,” he adds of the track. “During the Covid lockdown I was living on a property in Kangaroo Valley. The space provided me with a lot of time to write music and look back on the memories made over the past years of touring and making music.

“The song came together a lot easier than most of my songs; it sort of just fell out. I got my mate Tim Carr down to my little studio set up I was using and we finished off the song together. The cicadas were so loud at that time of year that we had to build a soundproof booth out of blankets and cushions to record the vocals in.”

While it currently remains to be seen whether “Lemon + Lime” is just another taster of a forthcoming album from Joe Mungovan, it effortlessly sits alongside the other mesmerising tracks he has shared with the world over the last couple of years. Check out a preview stream of the song below ahead of its official release this week.

Joe Mungovan’s “Lemon + Lime” is released on Wednesday, February 17th, with pre-saves available now.