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Song You Need to Know: Jean Dawson, ‘MENTHOL*’

Teaming up with Mac DeMarco for the cathartic genre-hopping track, ‘MENTHOL*’ is undoubtedly a track that will stay with you.

Nico Hernandez*

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the sort of music coming out of Los Angeles in recent years, then there’s a good chance you might have found yourself coming across Jean Dawson, an artist who truly defies categorisation.

Rising to fame thanks to his intriguing and eclectic musical styles, Dawson effortlessly goes between rock and hip-hop, before showcasing a level of raw energy and power that leaves him unable to fit simply into any particular box. In short, Dawson has spent his musical career becoming something of a stylistic enigma.

But the thing is, that suits him just fine, and when it comes to his latest track, it seems as though he relishes in the fact. Releasing “MENTHOL*” just last, Dawson’s new single sees him teaming up with Canadian musician Mac DeMarco, who not only adds in some of his iconic guitarwork, but closes out the track with a heartwarming note of advice.

As tender guitar lines are joined by some trusty rhythms, Dawson lets loose in the chorus, letting himself take things to the next level and cement himself as a truly powerful performer.

“I’ve just been wanting to scream all the time – not out of anger or any emotion I can pinpoint but just scream at the top of my lungs at nothing,” Dawson explains. “I don’t know if the song represents that at all but the song is just where I’m at with shit.

“I think I fully lost my ability to care about shit I don’t care about and it’s truly beautiful. I guess I’m really infatuated with the chaoticness that comes with the idea of tomorrow.”

Though “MENTHOL*” serves as Dawson’s only single from 2021, it’s not an indicator of any laziness on his part, with plenty of hard work put in to ensure that 2022 – which also includes a support slot for BROCKHAMPTON on their upcoming North American tour – is one of his best years to date.

Jean Dawson’s “MENTHOL*” is out now.