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Song You Need to Know: Jack Panther, ‘SKI LIFT 001’

Set to appear on his forthcoming EP project, ‘SKI LIFT 001’ sees Jack Panther ruminating on themes of nostalgia and regret.

Matt Hurley

As New Zealand alt-pop artist Jack Panther continues his rise an artist you need to watch, he’s shared his latest single, “SKI LIFT 001”, ahead of its official release this week.

Having burst onto the scene back in 2020, it didn’t take long for Jack to start making waves around the world. Releasing a number of singles and his debut EP, this dream i had, the likes of Spain’s NEO2 described Jack as the “new idol of queer pop”, and they’re right on the money.

As the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic continued, so too did Jack continue to create exceptional work, unleashing stripped-back versions of “this dream” and “blue boy” in 2021, before launching into his next project with the release of “If I Was” and “Feels Right”.

Now, Jack has unleashed his latest single by way of “SKI LIFT 001”, and it’s arguably his most powerful and resonant track to date.

A slow-burning track with tender yet powerful instrumentation, and bolstered by nostalgic lyrics that help to serve as catharsis as Jack ruminates on themes of regret, it’s a majestic track, and one of the most hard-hitting songs you’ll hear all year.

“Last winter I went skiing for the first time since going with my ex-boyfriend and so many bittersweet memories came flooding back to me,” Jack recalls. “I remember having an epiphany while skiing that I took so many moments with him for granted.

“It’s a feeling that I think resonates with a lot of people – nostalgia can hit you so hard and so quickly. Writing it was so cathartic for me, I had a lot of feelings towards my ex and I think in a way I wrote it to acknowledge those feelings and try to move on.”

“SKI LIFT 001” is set to appear on Jack Panther’s forthcoming EP project, ‘why don’t you come over?’, and will appear alongside his recent singles “If I Was” and “Feels Right”. Entering this new era of confidence in his career, tracks like “SKI LIFT 001” prove that this is Jack Panther’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Jack Panther’s “SKI LIFT 001” is released on April 22nd and can be pre-saved here.