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Song You Need to Know: Jack Carty, ‘Fleeting’

The closing track to his first album in four years, ‘Fleeting’ sees Jack Carty ruminating on the precious moments in life.


As Jack Carty looks ahead to a bright year ahead of him, the Aussie singer-songwriter has unveiled his latest studio album, with closing track “Fleeting” serving as one of the year’s most resonant songs, even just three months in.

Having last released an album by way of 2018’s Hospital Hill, the last couple of years have undoubtedly been difficult, but have seen Carty working towards one of his finest releases to date.

Dubbed Wake to A Bright Morning, Carty’s latest album was released on Friday, and serves as a collection of largely self-produced songs which were penned and tracked while living in spare rooms, friends’ bedrooms, and even a rare studio between London and Brisbane across these last three years.

Described as a “labour of love and inspiration”, the creation of the record was one inspired by fun more so than the need to meet deadlines, with its arrival confirming that Carty had created one of his most accomplished, emotive, and ultimately, best works to date.

“The creation of this record has been an exercise in belief and slow, steady progress for me,” Carty wrote upon its release. “I’m so proud of the result and excited to share it.

“For me, the title is about the possibility to start again that exists within every moment, regardless of what has happened in the past or the trajectory we are on,” he added. “There is peace and power in that. I hope these songs bring you some joy.”

Of course, while singles such as “Dragnet” and “Giving Up” help to illustrate the sonic inspiration Carty was drawing from, it’s the album’s closing track, “Fleeting”, which gives the listener a raw look into his emotional and creative process.

Speaking of the fleeting moments that we face in life, the track feels like a call for the listener to grab these times when possible as he ruminates on how precious every facet of life is. With Carty having had kids in recent years, a track such as this feels as though it may indeed be one that means the most to him, and after even a cursory listen, you may just share that same sentiment.

Jack Carty’s Wake to A Bright Morning is out now.