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Song You Need to Know: Infinity Broke, ‘Death of A Tourist’

The first taste of Infinity Broke’s forthcoming new album, “Death of A Tourist” is a powerful exercise in dissonance, rhythm, and melody.

Mark Moldre*

Six years on from their second album, Infinity Broke are gearing up to release album number three, with new single “Death of A Tourist” giving fans an idea of what to expect from the group’s latest effort.

Having spent 15 years fronting beloved alt-rock outfit Bluebottle Kiss, Jamie Hutchings re-entered the fray of being in a full band by utilising the noise, dissonance, and melody heard on Infinity Broke. Armed with brother Scott on percussion and guitar, Reuben Wills on bass, and Jared Harrison (Bluebottle Kiss, Peabody, Restless Leg) on drums, the group’s first two records showcased an exploration of rhythm, tone, texture and the dynamic interplay between guitars and percussion.

With a healthy global following to their name, and well-warranted acclaim arriving after each move, the group shifted their lineup somewhat following 2015’s Before Before, with Harrison departing due to back issues and a far-too full schedule. Now with new percussionist Jonas Tay in the fold, 2021 is set to see a full return of the group, with a recent crowdfunding campaign helping to support the release of album number three.

The first song released from the record, “Death of A Tourist”, showcases the heavy focus on rhythm and dissonance that Infinity Broke is built around, yet refuses to eschew the traditional songwriting approach to form and melody.

As Hutchings explains, the track was written during a previous stint as a voluntary teacher in Colombia, back in 2016, with the visit to South America helping to inform the creation somewhat.

“My ear was cocked to the exotic and percussive clatter of the street music,” he explains. “I was messing about with ad hoc tunings on a cheap parlour guitar and reading a lot.

“One of the books was a collection of short stories by Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai. It featured a tale concerning an awkward, overheated, and ill-prepared middle-aged tourist who travels to a renowned ancient site. He stumbles about in a frenzy; stressed and disconnected, eventually meeting an unfortunate end. It’s a black comedy written in the author”s inimitable apocalyptic style and I thought…this could me!'”

With the song released earlier this month, it’s now been accompanied by a Mark Moldre-directed video, featuring the group performing the track in an industrial environment, armed with masks and the same sort of devil-may-care attitude that helps to turn a track like “Death of A Tourist” into a powerful, lingering piece of musical expression.

Infinity Broke’s “Death of A Tourist” is out now, while the group’s new album, Your Dream My Jail, is set to arrive in the coming months.