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Song You Need to Know: Hayden Calnin, ‘Dreamer’

Set to appear on his forthcoming album, “Dreamer” sees Melbourne’s Hayden Calnin delivering one of his most emotive tracks to date.


Following on from the release of his 2021 album, What it Means to Be Human, Melbourne’s Hayden Calnin has given listeners a taste of what’s to come by way of his latest effort, the stunning “Dreamer”.

Set to arrive on his forthcoming album later this year, “Dreamer” is a luscious piece of work, complemented by gorgeously subtle instrumentation and Calnin’s smooth voice and introspective lyrics. As he explains, it’s a track that comes from real life experiences from a past relationship.

“[It’s] a bunch of questions I’d often ask myself in a relationship I was in at the time,” he explains. “We got so caught up in each other and had big ideas and dreams, but to actually make these things happen seemed to be so far out of reach and perhaps led to us not seeing eye to eye.”

The emotion is palpable, and the sentiment is visceral, with Calnin going deep into a past time in his life that is clearly still resonating with him.

“They say to follow your dreams, but to share that dream space takes a lot of work and sacrifice and it wasn’t something either of us were willing to do for each other,” he explains. “It was a wake up call to the both of us that maybe things were not okay. But in ending our time together, we had a chance to get back on track.”

Though it’s unclear when his next album will follow, Calnin explains that “Dreamer” was initially set to be released on his last album, though was held back to feature on his next album. Set for release later this year, details are still to be announced, though we can be sure it’ll be another stellar release from the Melbourne artist.

“The track was set to be on the What It Means to Be Human album, but it didn’t quite fit the vision of the record and the things I wanted to say in it,” he explains. “So I’ve been saving this and a few more tracks for release after that album, and this is the first taste of those.”

Hayden Calnin’s “Dreamer” is out now.