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Song You Need to Know: Gregor, ‘The Rock (And the Stars)’

“The Rock (And the Stars)” serves as the first taste of Gregor’s upcoming album, Destiny, which arrives this November.

Ellen Fairbairn*

Melbourne musician Gregor Kompar has just given fans the first taste of his forthcoming record, with “The Rock (And the Stars)” serving as the first single from Destiny.

Having first burst onto the scene a few years ago with his masterful compositions, Gregor released his debut album in 2018, with Silver Drop boasting an array of dreamy numbers such as the alluring “A Song About Holding Hands”.

Featuring Gregor tackling all instrumentation himself as always, his hazy bedroom pop is once again capturing the hearts and minds of all who are lucky enough to experience it, with “The Rock (And the Stars)” premiering overnight.

“I was searching for the simplest metaphors for self-reflection I could find, that still satisfied my desire for natural imagery and expressed the strong feelings I have that everything is connected,” Gregor explains of the song.

“More specifically, this song is about taking a moment to consider the change that has occurred in your life since the last time you took such a moment, and recognising this gesture itself as the thread that connects you to yourself, irrespective of time and circumstance.”

The new single also comes complemented by a majestic music video, made by Gregor himself and featuring the artist and his cat Bug traversing hand-drawn, animated landscapes.

“The Rock (And the Stars)” is set to appear as the opening track on Gregor’s second album, Destiny, which is set for release on November 13th.

Gregor’s “The Rock (And the Stars)” is available now, while Destiny will be released on November 13th on Chapter Music via Inertia Music, with pre-orders available now.

Gregor – Destiny tracklist

1. The Rock (and the Stars)
2. That’s the Sky
3. Mother of Spring
4. Senseless
5. The Morning Light
6. Love Echoes Loud
7. A Shimmering Feeling
8. A Night In Neptune