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Song You Need to Know: Freddy Fudd Pucker, ‘Hunter Gatherer’

The track serves as a taster of the eighth album from the Dunedin-born, Berlin-based artist Freddy Fudd Pucker.


Dunedin-born, Berlin-based artist Freddy Fudd Pucker is gearing up to release his latest album next week, with the infectious “Hunter Gatherer” serving as its lead single.

For 14 years now, Tom Young has been delivering literate folk-punk as often as possible. With new records and releases appearing almost yearly, Young has turned himself into an incredibly prolific artist throughout his career, with extensive touring and a fervent fanbase taking him all over the world.

Lauded for his upfront, DIY style and his hard-working approach to his craft, Young’s Freddy Fudd Pucker moniker might not have seen him make global headlines or top the charts, but his tenacity as a songwriter and performer has made him an enduring figure throughout the indie and underground scenes.

Now, following the release of 2018’s Open Doors, Freddy Fudd Pucker is gearing up to share his eighth album The Weather Knows Us Better than We Know the Weather on August 20th, with the recently-released “Hunter Gatherer” appearing as its lead single.

Entirely written, recorded, and produced by Young himself while in lockdown, “Hunter Gatherer” is not as immediate as the rest of the Freddy Fudd Pucker oeuvre, though it speaks to a critical topic of pleading its listener to evolve rather than standing still.

You know we’re gonna starve, in this stand still suicide/You know we’re gonna starve, if we stay where we are,” Young reminds the listener through his vital cut, which evokes stylistic comparisons to artists such as Jeff Rosenstock and the Mountain Goats.

The Weather Knows Us Better than We Know the Weather serves as something of a ten-track exorcism, which sees Young addressing a number of anxieties, including environmental collapse, plague, international migration, and out of control political partisanship.

An ever-relevant collection of songs for the times we live in, Freddy Fudd Pucker may indeed be the voice we need in the year that is 2020, and tracks like “Hunter Gatherer” simply prove it.

Freddy Fudd Pucker’s “Hunter Gather” is out now, while The Weather Knows Us Better than We Know the Weather is released on August 20th.