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Song You Need to Know: Eves Karydas, ‘Complicated’

Her first new single since the release of 2018’s ‘summerskin’, ‘Complicated’ sees Eves Karydas delivering what might just be the year’s best pop anthem.


Brisbane-based musician Eves Karydas has returned with what might just be her best song to date, sharing the slick new single “Complicated” this week.

Karydas’ first single since the release of her 2018 debut album, summerskin, “Complicated” is an effortless pop anthem that sees the Aussie musician teaming up with co-writers Calle Lehmann and Max Thulin, and producer Magnus Lidehäll to create this mesmerising masterclass of musical professionalism.

Featuring Karydas’ exceptional songwriting talents, alongside world-class production, “Complicated” already serves as a strong contender for the top spot in triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2020.

“The original day I had in the calendar was with Magnus Lidehäll, but he had to cancel at the last minute because he was stuck on an island (a very Swedish situation),” Karydas recalls of the track’s conception. “So, instead in an 11th hour arrangement, I went in with Calle and Max, and we came up with ‘Complicated.’

“Magnus then heard the song and loved it and said he wanted to produce it. And that’s how the song was finished. ‘Complicated’ wouldn’t exist without any of those precariously shifting parts.

“I went in with this idea because I’d just woken up having had this dream that my teeth were falling out. I Googled it and it told me I had an inferiority complex, which I thought was so funny,” she adds.

“So, I went and I told the guys, ‘We should write about this and not make it super serious.’ They were like, ‘Yeah cool, let’s do it!’ It was one of those lightning bolt moments that happen every so often where there’s no struggle whatsoever and the song just writes itself.”

Paired with a Mick Soiza-directed video, “Complicated” sees Eves Karydas embarking on a brand new era as an artist, and leaves fans eager to see what’s next in her already-exceptional career.