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Song You Need to Know: Ess-Em, ‘Turn the Wheel’

Set to appear on their upcoming album, Ess-Em recruit members of Hightime, Frenzal Rhomb, The Porkers, and more for their latest music video.


Sydney punk outfit Ess-Em have returned with their latest track, sharing “Turn the Wheel” as the first taste from their forthcoming second album.

Having formed by numerous well-established names within Australia’s vibrant punk scene close to a decade ago, Ess-Em wasted no time setting themselves apart from the rest of their contemporaries. Sharing catchy, piano-driven songs backed by trombone, double bass, acoustic guitar, and drums, the group’s lyrical focus ranged from the likes of climate change and cosmic existentialism to finding loose change and spending time with pets.

Having released their self-titled album in 2015 before sharing their Plan B EP in 2018, it’s been a few years between drinks for the group, and needless to say, they’ve been ready to get right back into things once again.

This is more than evident on new single, “Turn the Wheel”, which itself was recorded three years ago. The first taste of their forthcoming second album, it’s a cathartic track that features the group’s trademark sound and urges the listener to embrace tenacity in full. “It’s going to be hard, so you’ve got to get tough,” the chorus proclaims. “You’ve only one shot, so harden the fuck up.

The track is also accompanied by an all-star music video, which features a number of famous Australian punk-rock names, including the likes of Pete Porker of The Porkers, Nina McCann of Hightime, and Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb, just to name a very select few.

With their second album set for release in March, Ess-Em will be supporting the upcoming record with a national tour, with dates set to be announced soon.

Ess-Em’s “Turn the Wheel” is available to pre-save ahead of its official release on Friday, February 4th, while their forthcoming second album is set to arrive in March.