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Song You Need to Know: DECAPITATORS, ‘Shadowpuppet’

A dark indie-rock number with elements of math-rock and post-punk, “Shadowpuppets” is the latest cut from Sydney’s DECAPITATORS.


Having spent a few years offering up a sound they self-describe as “indie music from the upside-down”, Sydney outfit DECAPITATORS have unveiled their latest single, “Shadowpuppet”.

Having originally formed on Otres beach in Cambodia, DECAPITATORS offer something of a manic indie-rock sound, featuring poignant sounds that range from tongue-in-cheek ballads to obscure, distressing, and epic anthems.

Releasing their debut single, “Math Addict”, back in 2019, the group have spent the last couple of years hard at work on their next effort, with “Shadowpuppet” arriving earlier this month.

A somewhat dark indie-rock number with elements of math-rock and post-punk, the enthralling cut almost seems fitting for the current environment we find ourselves in thanks to its repeated chorus of “banging my head up against the wall“.

The first taste of new music from the group in two years, DECAPITATORS have been hard at work in recent times, amassing a stable of a tracks which see them diving deep into a wide range of genres, including the likes of progressive rock, trap, and hip-hop.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, given the band’s comments to Scenestr upon the release of their debut a few years ago. “I think bands are always in flux, and our sound has been really hard to pin down,” they explained. “We’ve been wrestling with it for a while and I think this is one sort of permutation of the many elements that mix together to make our brand of noise.”

Though it remains to be seen just how they will pull off these upcoming genre-bending tunes, “Shadowpuppet” seems to indicate that we’ll be highly impressed by whatever it is that they decide to do.

DECAPITATORS’ “Shadowpuppet” is out now.