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Song You Need to Know: Dear Sunday, ‘Teleport’

The latest taster of their forthcoming EP, “Teleport” is a slick, confident track from Dear Sunday, and one that feels custom-made for the summer months.

Image of Dear Sunday

Dear Sunday will release their 'Draw 4' EP on November 12th.


With a matter of weeks to go until the release of their debut EP Draw 4, Perth indie-rockers Dear Sunday have given fans another taster of what’s to come by way of the arresting “Teleport”.

Having made their appearance on the local scene in early 2020, it didn’t take long for the Western Australian foursome to start showcasing their wares, with the likes of “High” and “Never Again” kicking things off, with more tracks arriving since then, including this year’s “Fancy” and “Lonely”.

Armed with a sound that mixes traditional indie-rock with slick pop sensibilities, Dear Sunday have a penchant for making tracks as catchy as they are inviting, with new single “Teleport” continuing their tradition.

Almost custom-made for the summer months, “Teleport” utilises clean, dreamy guitars, with hazy rhythms, and smooth, soulful vocals to craft a track that feels reminiscent of names such as Ocean Alley or Spacey Jane.

“‘Teleport’ is a funny one,” recalls lead vocalist Ben Swanson. “I remember slaving away at work, probably digging holes, and humming the vocal hook: ‘I wanna teleport with you‘. I quickly chucked it into my voice memos on my phone.

“Pretty much that day, we all caught up and wrote the song! The song is about wanting to run away. Just leave behind all the BS that’s going on and go somewhere far far away.”

With “Teleport” officially out this week, it serves as a brilliant indication of what’s to come when Dear Sunday unveil their Draw 4 EP on November 12th, which serves as not only a culmination of years of hard work, but also a veritable tasting platter of the myriad influences that hold sway over the group.

“The boys and I are all super excited but also super nervous about the release of Draw 4.” adds Swanson, “It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure. But really happy to be sending these songs into the world as a little package deal. Can’t wipe the smile off our faces now.”

To celebrate the EP’s forthcoming release, Dear Sunday will also be hitting the road for a WA tour, with full details available below.

Dear Sunday’s “Teleport” is officially released this week, while their Draw 4 EP will be released on November 12th.


Dear Sunday Draw 4 WA Tour

Friday, November 12th
YMCA HQ, Perth, WA

Saturday, November 20th
Rosemount Hotel, PeRTH, WA (18+)

Friday, November 26th
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, WA (18+)

Saturday, December 4th
6 Degrees, Albany, WA (18+)