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Song You Need to Know: Danika Smith, ‘Sweet Mellow D’

Melbourne singer/songwriter Danika Smith has followed up the release of 2019’s ‘Suit of Armour’ with the majestic ‘Sweet Mellow D’.


Having first made a splash on the scene by way of debut single “Suit of Armour” in 2019, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Danika Smith has returned with new song, “Sweet Mellow D”.

Releasing the track earlier in October, Smith has already received widespread acclaim for her new single, with the song even receiving airplay on BBC6 in the UK with Gilles Peterson. A smooth slice of indie folk, Smith’s gorgeous vocals combine with rolling instrumentation to combine a perfect showcase of why her profile has been ever so slowly rising since across the last year.

Now, Smith has also unveiled the video to “Sweet Mellow D”, recruiting director Joli.Vision to create a scenic visual accompaniment which appears to fittingly capture the feeling of time slipping away in a year such as 2020.

“The film clip was an adventurous and experimental collaboration between myself and Joli.Vision,” Smith explained of the creation. “We had a minimal budget and timeframe to get thinking and filming before covid lockdown 2.0 hit Melbourne.

“The concept is simple; it takes my familiar ‘loungeroom’ and places it in the most ruggedly beautiful natural location we could find. We humans are at home in nature, it’s where we come from and it was very nice to return to it to make this clip, especially considering we’ve been housebound since March. Joli.Vision’s style of film amplified the ephemeral essence of the environment and it was a fitting space in which to share a piece of my mind.”

Meanwhile, director Joli.Vision notes that the idea behind the clip was to help capture the idea of Smith’s music bringing her home. “Exploring the vulnerable and beautiful uncertainty when hearing Danika play, as well as incorporating concepts of superposition; multiple possibilities existing and collapsing, by blending many moments filmed from a single perspective,” they explained.

“I wanted to maximise nature as a set piece; changing of tides, sun path, clouds and fluctuations of natural light to reflect the mood in the melody. After finding the right spot combining mountains, water and sky; Danika, Fela and I spent over 12 hours on this beach with ample snacks and introspective conversation fueling us. It was a real test for both director and subject, which wouldn’t have been achievable without Danika’s open mind and patience in realising the vision.”

While Danika Smith has undoubtedly been kicking goals as her music career continues to blossom, tracks such as “Sweet Mellow D” and its accompanying visuals prove that this is far from the last time the world of music will be blown away by her powerful creations.

Danika Smith’s “Sweet Mellow D” is out now.