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Song You Need to Know: Coconut Cream, ‘Safety Net’

Set to arrive on their What Kind Of Music Do You Like To Listen To EP next year, Coconut Cream have once again taken things to the next level.

Hudson Reed*

As Eora/Sydney four-piece Coconut Cream announce the release of their forthcoming debut EP, they’ve given fans another reason to be excited by way of their latest single, “Safety Net”.

Set to arrive on their What Kind Of Music Do You Like To Listen To EP when it arrives on February 18th, “Safety Net” follows on from the likes of recent single “Your Drug On Computers”, and serves as a slow-burning piece of euphoric indie-rock that speaks to effectively relapsing into the past in search of emotional support.

“The song essentially alludes to reuniting with someone from a past relationship and this, in turn, provoking a mixed response,” explains vocalist Astari. “The lyrics in ‘Safety Net’ are acknowledging the immense importance of that person/relationship but also coming to terms with the fact that it’s not meant to be.”

A powerful track at heart, “Safety Net” comes paired with production from Middle Kids’ Tim Fitz, and serves as another stellar step in what is already impressive career. Though live shows haven’t been quite as prominent as the group would’ve liked in a year such as this, with the release of their debut EP on the horizon, it’s looking as though Coconut Cream are on track for big things in the not-too distant future.

Coconut Cream’s “Safety Net” is out now, while their What Kind Of Music Do You Like To Listen To EP will be released on February 18th, 2022 via Broth Records.