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Song You Need to Know: Champion the Boy, ‘Take You There’

A live force for a number of years, “Take You There” serves as the first single to be released from the powerful Champion the Boy.


It’s rare for an artist to completely knock it out of the park on their first single, but when it comes to Champion the Boy (that is, the musical moniker of Ira Gontcharov), impossible is nothing, and “Take You There” is proof.

Having been on the scene for a few years now, the Ukraine-born, Australia-raised artist has managed to gain a respectable live following in that time, with countless shows – including festival appearances at Yours & Owls and support slots for Nyxen, Touch Sensitive, and others – proving her worth as a stunning artist.

However, when it comes to recorded music, fans of Champion the Boy have undoubtedly been left wanting for some time, with late last month finally bringing with it the release of her debut single, “Take You There”.

A slick piece of electronic pop, smooth, emotive vocals layer atop a bed of accomplished beats, luscious synths, and sporadic samples, “Take You There” is a three-minute gem in which to lose yourself, and one that undeniably warrants repeat listening.

“I wrote the single during an avoidant phase,” Gontcharov explains of the process behind “Take You There”. “Having left a strict religious upbringing and without any sense of self. There was a manic excitement that came with starting a new life and new experiences…. I fell in love with dance and house music.”

Undoubtedly, it’s this sort of catharsis and freedom that permeates throughout the track, dripping out of every pore and turning “Take You There” into an escapist anthem – one backed by some of the most powerful electro-pop influences you’ll find anywhere.

While “Take You There” serves as the debut single from Champion the Boy, fans won’t be left waiting too long for a follow-up, with more new material set to arrive in the coming months. In the meantime though, this debut track undeniably satiates the appetites of fans who’ve been awaiting its arrival for years, and it’s one that’ll likely resonate for quite some time.

Champion the Boy’s “Take You There” is out now via Tank Top Records.