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Song You Need to Know: Bugs, ‘Diamond’

Brisbane’s Bugs have continued their hot streak, with “Diamond” serving as their first new single this year.

Casey Garnsey*

Brisbane’s Bugs have knocked it out of the park with their first new single of the year, officially releasing the slick “Diamond” this morning.

A brisk three-minute number which captures the now-iconic Bugs sound, filled with rapid-fire guitars, catchy melodies, and the immersive vocals of frontman Connor Brooker, “Diamond” made its premiere on triple j’s Good Nights on Tuesday night, with its official releasing taking place today.

“‘Diamond’ is about modern society’s obsession with status; acquisition of assets prioritised over humanity and empathy,” Brooker explains. “It pokes fun at the lifestyle choices of people who pursue such vain fulfilment.

“I’ve always thought someone whose self esteem runs in parity with the need to purchase things must be lacking in fundamental quality. I can’t imagine feeding capitalism based on insecurity grows a personality of much substance.”

The release of “Diamond” comes off the back of a rather impressive 18 months for the Brisbane outfit, beginning with the release of their second album, Self Help, in late 2019. Containing the single “Seriously”, the group went into 2020 with big plans, kicking off the year with a cover of Mallrat’s “Charlie” for triple j’s weekly Like a Version session, and seeing the track voted into the Hottest 100 at #91.

With the remainder of the year put on hold, Bugs weren’t content to let things pass them by, going on to release their single “Can’t Get Enough” in April, before “Old Youth Feeling” followed in November. While a third album is set to arrive some time in the coming months, full details are yet to be revealed.

However, with “Diamond” helping to up the anticipation for their third record, it goes without saying that Bugs may be on track to be one of the most talked-about names on the Aussie music scene this year.

Bugs’ “Diamond” is out now.