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Song You Need to Know: BRUX, ‘BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)’

Released as part of her debut EP Fruit, ‘BWP (Bitches Want Pictures’ sees Sydney’s BRUX addressing the need for approval on social media.

Though BRUX may be a relatively fresh face on the scene, the Sydney-based producer is undoubtedly on track to be a household name, with tracks such as “BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)” cementing her international appeal.

Released via Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records label back in February, BRUX’s Fruit EP is a masterful debut, packed with an acclaimed mix of pop, techno, house, and electronic vibes that prove the Aussie artist is on track for big things.

“‘Fruit’ is pleasure,” BRUX says of the EP’s energetic title track. “The urge for us to sexually (and spiritually) connect with another being without necessarily seeking love.”

“‘Hoarse’ explores the relationship of pleasure and pain of addiction in any form, be that social media, substances or toxic relationships,” she continues.

However, it’s the EP’s final track that is its strongest, with “BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)” serving (along with the entire EP) as an astute “social observation on our pursuits of pleasure and validation”.

“‘BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)’ seeks approval on social media, looking at how we manipulate our online presence to show ourselves to the world,” BRUX adds of the immersive track.

Showcasing her dizzying skills throughout the exceptional track, the single’s accompanying video clip helps put it all into context, portraying a young woman’s desire for validation through social media.

Directed and edited by Dylan Reyes, it’s all told in a unique format utilising mobile phone pictures and videos, it all comes to something of a humorous conclusion once the realisation of the public’s adoration of pets truly comes into play.

Though there’s no word yet as to when fans will be able to catch future live performances from BRUX, there’s no denying the dizzying impact tracks like “BWP (Bitches Want Pictures)” will have upon her audience.

BRUX’s Fruit EP is out now via Dim Mak Records.