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Song You Need to Know: Bodyjar, ‘Get Out Of My Head’

The veteran Melbourne outfit have returned with a track that feels reminiscent of their classic early-’00s output.

Nick Manuell*

Beloved Melbourne punk outfit Bodyjar have returned with their latest single, sharing the slick “Get Out Of My Head” earlier today.

Having last released a full-length album by way of 2013’s Role Model, Bodyjar haven’t exactly been lazy during this time, with numerous live shows being punctuated by a handful of releases, including their 2017 EP, Terra Firma.

In early 2020, the group returned with “Big Shot”, which was said to be released in anticipation of their forthcoming full-length album. While details of the record haven’t arrived yet, Bodyjar did team up with US outfit Sharp/Shock for a split single earlier this year, satiating the appetites of anxious fans.

Now, the group have once again returned with fresh material, with “Get Out Of My Head” arriving today. Produced by Bodyjar and Sam Johnson (Northlane, Luca Brasi, Camp Cope, The Bennies), the track feels immediately reminiscent of the group’s early ’00s output, including 2000’s How it Works, and 2002’s Plastic Skies. Equal parts slick and powerful, and paired with the classic sound they’ve become known for, singer and guitarist Cam Baines explains that the track was inspired by the sort of frustration many of us would be feeling at the current time.

“This song is written out of frustration in what we see in the papers and how it usually serves someone’s agenda rather than being based in fact,” Baines explained. “[I was] getting sick of hearing stupid opinions and learning to block out a lot of what I was reading online.

“To the point of actually being able to block out certain parts of some social media even when they are right In front of me. It’s a talent.”

While it’s unclear whether “Get Out Of My Head” will appear on the group’s forthcoming album (or when details regarding the record will arrive), it’s clear that even 30 years down the line, Bodyjar are still at the top of their game.

Bodyjar’s “Get Out Of My Head” is out now.