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Song You Need to Know: AVA, ‘Orange’

A powerful ode to “sensuality, intimacy and self love”, AVA cites “Orange” as the best song she’s written to date.


Melbourne’s AVA has returned with her second single in as many months, following up an impressive debut with the equally-stunning “Orange”.

Making her presence felt on the scene with the release of “Business Man” just last month, 20-year-old AVA has undeniably started strong, with her soulful vocals and slick R&B influences proving that her’s is a voice we need to be listening to.

While the sort of themes that were apparent on “Business Man” highlighted a penchant for female empowerment and self-healing, new single “Orange” sees this continuing once again, with AVA herself explaining that the track is written about “sensuality, intimacy and self love”.

As expected, “Orange” draws deep upon AVA’s lifetime of music inspiration, combining to deliver a track that is truly mesmerising, and one that considers to be “the best song” she’s written to date.

Hazy instrumentation and slick R&B-influenced rhythms complement AVA’s stellar voice, allowing her powerful lyrics to shine through as “Orange” unfolds itself, allowing its full beauty to be appreciated.

While we might only be a couple of songs into AVA’s soon-to-be-storied career, you can be sure that with tracks like “Orange” in her arsenal, it won’t be long before her’s is a name on everyone’s lips.

AVA’s “Orange” is out now.