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Song You Need to Know: Arab Strap, ‘Here Comes Comus!’

Set to appear on their first album in 16 years, “Here Comes Comus!” is a dark and sinister composition from the acclaimed Scottish outfit.

Kat Gollack*

As the countdown to the release of their first album in 16 years begins to come to a satisfying close, Scottish indie icons Arab Strap have given fans another taste of their forthcoming record by way of new single, “Here Comes Comus!”.

Set to appear on their long-awaited seventh album, As Days Get Dark, when it appears early next month, the new single from the acclaimed duo is a fittingly-dark and ominous composition, featuring pounding percussion, and the endearingly-familiar vocals of Aidan Moffat as he relays a tale of late-night debauchery.

“It’s a song about the god of nocturnal excess and my inability to ever refuse him,” Moffat confirms in a statement. “It takes place in a pub, a club, and city alleyways, all the places I’d hoped we’d be able to enjoy again by now – but it’s been so long since I’ve had a big night out that listening to it now seems almost nostalgic.

“He still pops round to see me at home now and again, but I know he’s holding back and planning for the future, and one day soon we’ll dance again.”

The track also comes accompanied by a highly-cinematic video directed by Bryan M. Ferguson which is as sinister and unnerving as the track itself. A fitting component to a stunning tune, the video explores the themes of the protagonist’s overindulgence to the point of repulsion, resulting in a mesmerising yet uncomfortable experience to the viewer.

“When I first heard Aidan’s lyrics on the track, my mind was quickly flung into a murky pit of complete debauchery,” Ferguson explains. “I really wanted the video to be a story of excess to match not just the lyrics but the whole mythology of Comus being the rebellious god of festivity who pretty much represents anarchy and chaos.”

Arab Strap first formed in Scotland back in 1995, becoming underground heroes via the release of their debut album, The Week Never Starts Round Here, the following year. The group – built around the core membership of Moffat and Malcolm Middleton – released six albums before their split in 2006. A one-off reunion in 2011 preceded their fully-fledged return to activity in 2016, with their first album in 16 years set to arrive next month.

Arab Strap’s “Here Comes Comus!” is out now, while As Days Get Dark will be released on Friday, March 5th via Rock Action/Best & Fairest, with pre-orders available now.