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Song You Need to Know: Alaina Castillo, ‘stfu (i got u)’

As she quickly becomes a household name, Alaina Castillo has released her first song of 2021, with a debut album set to arrive this year.

As Alaina Castillo continues to increase her profile each and every day, the young Texan has just released one of her most memorable tracks to date, sharing “stfu (i got u)” just a few days ago.

If Castillo’s name isn’t one you’re familiar with yet, there’s a good chance you might be one of the select few who aren’t across her work. With over 120 million audio and video streams, appearances on the Global Citizen Together At Home streaming event and MTV’s Alone Together live stream, and a naming as Spotify’s first-ever US RADAR artist, Castillo is in prime position to not only make 2021 her year, but become one of the most notable names on the scene in no time.

Releasing her antisocial butterfly EP back in 2019, Castillo followed it up with 2020’s the voicenotes, garnering widespread acclaim across the board thanks to lead single “just a boy”, and receiving praise for her prolific songwriting abilities in both English and Spanish.

Now, with a debut album on the horizon. Alaina Castillo has kicked things up another notch with her latest single, the infectious “stfu (i got u)”. Teetering between verified pop banger and almost custom-made earworm, the track is undoubtedly one of her most accomplished to date, and showcases her impeccable songwriting skills alongside her powerful performance abilities.

“I’ve always been that quiet person that thought it was better to be silent than to put myself out there so ‘stfu (i got u)’ is the confidence of who I was always too shy to be,” Castillo explains of the track.

Alongside the track, “stfu (i got u)” also comes accompanied by a music video directed by The Reggies which finds – as per a press release – “the leather-clad e-girl in her cyber sweet virtual bedroom, turning to a webcam to play out a gamer’s fantasy”.

Alaina Castillo’s “stfu (i got u)” is out now.