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Something For Kate: Paul Dempsey, Bernard Fanning Dedicate “Under Pressure” Cover to Victorians

The pair said the track was for “anyone out there who’s feeling the pressure in these challenging times”.

Paul Dempsey and Bernard Fanning surprised fans with a flawless cover of 'Under Pressure'.


Paul Dempsey and Bernard Fanning of Something For Kate have tonight shared an acoustic cover of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” as an “ode to our Victorian friends living under Stage 4 restrictions and for that matter, anyone out there who’s feeling the pressure in these challenging times.”

It was a welcome surprise for fans of the Melbourne rockers, with one user commenting, “I needed this more than you could know today. Thank you.” Another reminisced, “Bloody brilliant! Takes me back – the first time I saw SFK live was at a Powderfinger concert at Festival Hall. So much nostalgia right now.”

The duo’s impressive rendition of the classic track comes just two weeks after Something For Kate dropped their latest single “Waste Our Breath”, which followed “Situation Room” – their first song released in eight years. Both are set to be included in the group’s seventh album, though there’s currently no official release date for the record.

“‘Waste Our Breath” is a song about trying to find an empty space,” frontman Paul Dempsey previously said of their latest song. “It’s about privacy and surveillance and social media and oxygen and George Orwell and how we’re all on TV now.”

The film clip, directed by Alex Badham, sees Something For Kate performing in the Palais Theatre in Melbourne.

“The eerie silence of the theatre perfectly reflected the song’s themes of futility – about throwing all your energy at something knowing that it will get you nowhere,” the group explained of the video. “So what better way to sum that up by performing to 3000 empty seats?”

Speaking to Rolling Stone back in April, bassist Stephanie Ashworth explained that, like most other artists, the band’s plans for 2020 had been put on hold amid the COVID pandemic.

“We obviously had plans to tour now and the record coming out, but I think we’re just like everyone else in terms of seeing how everything else is going to unfold,” Ashworth said.

Something For Kate released their last album Leave Your Soul To Science back in 2012.