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Sheppard Announce Long-Awaited Third Album, ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’

News of the record comes just days before Sheppard take the stage at the AFL Grand Final in their hometown of Brisbane.

Image of Sheppard

Sheppard will release 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' in February of 2021.


Two years on from the release of their chart-topping second album, acclaimed Brisbane outfit Sheppard have officially announced the details of their long-awaited third record, Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Set for release on February 19th, 2021, Kaleidoscope Eyes comes at the end of a massive year of new music for the group. Having released “On My Way” as part of Australia Decides back in early 2019, Sheppard began sharing a series of singles later in the year, with 2020 seeing them releasing new music monthly to the point where the list of new tracks eventually grew to 11 with the release of their latest tune, “Brand New”, last month.

While this run of new music has kept fans engaged and provided them with an indication of the constant music growth experienced by the band, the journey they have undergone since their last release has resulted in the creation of their latest album.

Following years spent touring the world, major album cycles, countless awards, and time spent in airport lounges and hotels, Kaleidoscope Eyes is the result of Sheppard discovering who they are: young adults with established careers rather than fresh-faced musicians seeking acceptance.

“Somewhere along the album’s journey, I became obsessed with the idea of a kaleidoscope,” explained George Sheppard. “To most people it might just be a tube with pretty shards of glass, but to us it represented so much more.”

“Each time you look into a kaleidoscope, you are looking at something in a new light,” added Amy Sheppard of the record’s meaning. “It’s often bittersweet, because the slightest change can shift the entire picture forever.

“On the other hand, if you continue to tumble, you’ll eventually find new beauty in a different arrangement of the same pieces. It’s a strangely beautiful metaphor for love  and how the world seems much brighter when you’re in love. That message has managed to wind its way throughout the entire record.”

Featuring stories of love, loss, heartbreak, and happiness, Kaleidoscope Eyes is described as a celebration of a “tumultuous yet enriching couple of years” for Sheppard.

Kaleidoscope Eyes is an album dedicated to the wonders of love, in every form,” George adds. “With love, the world is a more colourful place. Spread it, make it, give it, feel it, appreciate it, and do your best not to lose it.”

While Kaleidoscope Eyes is on track to be released in February of 2021, Sheppard are set to perform before a global audience on Saturday, October 24th when they serve as the half-time entertainment at the 2020 AFL Gran Final, which is – for the first time – being played in the group’s hometown of Brisbane.

Sheppard’s Kaleidoscope Eyes will be released on February 19th, 2021, with pre-orders available now.