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Rolling Stone AU/NZ Launches ‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’ Podcast

‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’ will feature Editor-in-Chief, Poppy Reid, reading the magazine’s latest cover story in full alongside exclusive commentary

Rolling Stone AU/NZ Poppy Reid podcast

‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’ is now available to watch and listen on Rolling Stone AU/NZ, and to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all major podcast platforms. The latest issue of Rolling Stone AU/NZ is out now.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ is launching a brand-new podcast taking readers behind the making of its iconic magazine covers.

Titled ‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’, the podcast will feature the publication’s Editor-in-Chief, Poppy Reid, reading the magazine’s latest cover story in full alongside exclusive commentary.

First up this week is Amy Shark, who joins Reid later in episode one to delve behind the scenes of the cover story and photoshoot.

For her cover story, the acclaimed singer-songwriter granted Rolling Stone AU/NZ unprecedented access which made for her most revealing interview to date. Shark opened the doors to her Gold Coast home and studio as she put the finishing touches on her next album.

During the podcast, Reid reflects on her time with Shark and shines a light on what happened behind the scenes of the interview and photoshoot.

“We developed this comfort around each other that allowed her to open up more,” Reid reveals. “But when I sent the piece away to be published, there was a part of me that thought ‘Amy’s not going to want to be friends with me anymore after this.'”

When it came to the photoshoot, Reid adds: “With every Rolling Stone Australia cover shoot, you want to show the artist in a light they’ve never been seen in before. You want fans to say ‘Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen the artist show that side of themselves… 

“Our creative director asked Amy ‘What’s your dream cover shot?’ It was actually Amy and [her husband] Shane who said; ‘What if we do some kind of topless shot… but still show that punk side of Amy.’”

Shark then joins Reid to share her own thoughts and reflections on what it was like doing the cover story and cover shoot. “So many people saw a different side of me, and that was the whole point and purpose of this huge feature. I love that about it, it’s so different,” Shark says.

When it came to the topless photoshoot, Shark explains that she “felt like it was time to do a different shoot. Not many people have let me keep my hair, everyone’s trying to cut it off, or dye it. I love that you guys let me embrace it because it’s such a big part of my brand. I was really out of my comfort zone doing it.

“I’m always nervous… but you guys created such an amazing space. The girls were amazing, made me feel comfortable and confident – all the things I’m just not in photoshoots.”