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Powderfinger Announce New Album of Unreleased Tracks

Powderfinger have continued a massive year, announcing their first new record since the release of Golden Rule in 2009.

Image of Powderfinger

10 years after their breakup, Powderfinger will release a new album of unreleased material.


2020 has given fans of Aussie music the news they thought would never come, as Powderfinger announce the release of their first album in 11 years.

The announcement was made on Double J recently, with guitarist Darren Middleton and drummer Jon Coghill revealing to Caz Tran that they had taken a dive deep into the vaults and emerged with some of the best work that had never seen the light of day.

“We were in putting together Odyssey Number Five 20th anniversary release and we went back and found like 50 songs that we had never released,” Coghill explained. “And we’ve got the 10 best, we think.

“There’s gonna be a new album this year at some stage. New songs. No one’s heard any of them. And it sounds pretty good to us. It’s been put together really well.”

Though it’s not new material, the pair assured fans it’s not a collection of offcuts either, with producer Nick DiDia once again joining the team to help ensure things are up to the classic standard not seen since their final album, 2009’s Golden Rule.

Currently, there’s no release date behind the album, though Coghill and Middleton revealed that fans can expect to hear the first taste of this new record in just a matter of weeks, with new single “Day By Day” set to arrive on Friday, September 18th.

The news comes just weeks after Powderfinger announced that they would be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of their massive 2000 album, Odyssey Number Five, which not only snared five ARIA Music Awards, but contained songs such as “Like A Dog”, “My Kind of Scene”, and the anthemic “My Happiness”.

These massive events also followed on from one of the most unexpected reunions in recent memory, with Powderfinger appearing for a virtual concert back in May, the first time they’d performed under their iconic moniker since their farewell tour in 2010.

Despite this recent hive of activity within the camp, Middleton urges fans not to hold to hold their breath for a fully-fledged reunion any time soon.

“There’s no plans to do any more live lockdown videos or record any new songs or write any new songs together,” he explained.

“But, things change. Your views, thoughts and feelings and maybe even some of your memories change. Life’s short, we’ll wait and see what happens. But there’s absolutely no plans to record new material.”

Powderfinger will release “Day By Day” on Friday, September 18th, while the 20th anniversary of Odyssey Number Five will be released on Friday, September 4th, with pre-orders available now.