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PNAU Share Vibrant Clip for Vlossom-Featuring Single, ‘Lucky’

“Like most of our songs, ‘Lucky’ is about finding the strength and the light in hard times to be a more loving and happy entity,” PNAU explain.


It’s been just under a month since PNAU returned with their latest single, but now they’ve unleashed a typically-vibrant clip for their latest single, “Lucky”.

Released back in May, “Lucky” follows on from a run of singles from the Sydney trio, including “Solid Gold” and “All Of Us”. Featuring an appearance from Vlossom (which consists of PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and Cloud Control’s Alister Wright), their latest track was inspired during a period of “deep reflection” in 2019.

“I was in limbo without a visa to return home in Los Angeles; moving from low rent hotels to expired motels, couches and the like,” Nick explained. “Alister and I were yet to release any Vlossom music, but we were in a place of imagineering our possible futures.

“‘Lucky’ represents that most golden future, shimmering just in the distance like over a frosty hill, approaching. Like a summer of love is on its way to you, full up of emotional ecstasy.”

Now, following a massive reaction to the track, PNAU have unleashed the single’s official video, which came about as a collaboration between the trio and and a team of likeminded creatives, including Director Imogen Grist and Creative Director Damian Dunne from Melbourne’s Milked Studios.

“This clip has been a labour of love,” explained Nick Littlemore. “It started its journey in the markets of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam last year where my wife and I came across the most amazing looking artificial flowers. They took me straight back to tripping and going mad…wonderful.

“Anyway, we got a few large carry bags and filled them all up and from there I took a flight to Byron Bay where a fabulous fashion designer, Clarisse Odum, turned them into amazing wearable items. All this was done long before we had the brilliant director Imogen Grist on board, and the effects master Damian Dunne.

“And not forgetting the major inspiration of the art of UON visuals, with whom we collaborated to make this multidimensional world to explore. Like most of our songs, ‘Lucky’ is about finding the strength and the light in hard times to be a more loving and happy entity.”

While there’s no word yet as to whether “Lucky” will feature on a new record from the group, the clip is now available to watch via YouTube.