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PJ Harvey to Reissue Entire Catalog, Drops ‘Sheela-Na-Gig’ Demo

Singer will reissue debut album, ‘Dry,’ this winter

One week after teasing a photo of mixtapes, PJ Harvey announced reissues of her entire catalog, beginning with her 1992 debut, Dry, out July 24th via Beggars Archive/Too Pure Records.

Reissued for the first time in 20 years, Dry will be accompanied by a collection of demos from the record, available as a stand-alone LP for the first time. You can hear a demo of the single “Sheela-Na-Gig” above. It’s a stripped-down version of the track, as Harvey strums a guitar and sings, “Look at these, my child-bearing hips/Look at these, my ruby red ruby lips.”

Harvey will roll out the reissues — her nine studio albums and her two LPs with John Parish — over the course of the next year. Dry — Demos will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl, with rare photos by Maria Mochnacz included on the inner sleeve. Both Dry and Dry — Demos are currently available for preorder.

Last year, Harvey released two songs, “Descending” and “The Moth,” for the London stage adaptation of All About Eve, for which she wrote the score. She recently covered Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” for Peaky Blinders.

Dry — Demos Track List
1. Oh My Lover (Demo)
2. O Stella (Demo)
3. Dress (Demo)
4. Victory (Demo)
5. Happy & Bleeding (Demo)
6. Sheela-Na-Gig (Demo)
7. Hair (Demo)
8. Joe (Demo)
9. Plants & Rags (Demo)
10. Fountain (Demo)
11. Water (Demo)