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Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour to Russia: ‘Stop Killing Your Brothers’

“Putin must go,” artist says

Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Former Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour tweeted support for Ukraine on Tuesday. “Russian soldiers, stop killing your brothers,” he wrote. “There will be no winners in this war.” He punctuated his message by saying, “Putin must go.”

In the tweet, he included the lyric video for his 2015 antiwar song, “In Any Tongue.” Its words, written by Polly Samson — Gilmour’s wife and collaborator since Pink Floyd’s Division Bell album — describe soldiers dying and children crying. “I hear ‘Mama’ sounds the same in any tongue,” goes one refrain. The song bears a personal significance to Gilmour and Samson as a couple, in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as Gilmour explained in his tweet. “My daughter-in-law is Ukrainian, and my granddaughters want to visit and know their beautiful country,” he wrote. “Stop this before it is all destroyed.”


Musicians in Ukraine are also worried about their future and are parsing their country’s relationship with Russia, following the 2014 revolution that made it a democracy. “Think of the paradox of all this,” Kyrylo Brener, who plays in the Kharkiv-based power trio Kat, told Rolling Stone. “Putin and Russian government, they hate us and don’t want us to exist. But at the same time, they created this nation and the mindset of the nation. Before 2014, I think many people, including myself, were just living our lives. After all these things happened, your mindset changes and we started finding our identity. And this impacted music as well.”

From Rolling Stone US