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Peking Duk Team up With the Wombats for New Single, ‘Nothing to Love About Love’

Mixing the charming indie rock of The Wombats with the dancefloor-ready talent of Peking Duk, ‘Nothing to Love About Love’ is a verified banger.

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They’re two names almost guaranteed to receive an outpouring of love when they release new material, and now, Aussie electronic chart-toppers Peking Duk have paired their talents with that of English indie outfit The Wombats to share the new single, “Nothing to Love About Love”.

Arriving today, the track features the iconic Peking Duk sound, armed with the rock sensibilities of The Wombats to create a veritable dancefloor anthem. As Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde explains, the track originally emerged out of a session he had he Los Angeles earlier this year.

“I had written the beat in my bedroom a couple days before which I then showed to Murph [Wombats frontman Matt Murphy] and he turned in to something magical with a bunch of vocal ideas and this sentiment of there being nothing to love about love – something we’ve all felt at some point,” he explained.

“From there, Murph reached out to the rest of The Wombats to lay down some extra, synths and bass in Oslo and some drums in London and I finally sprinkled some more sauce and distorted sample chops on the song, then we wrapped it up in a ribbon for you all to hear.”

While Murph himself lovingly described the track as being a “big, nasty, stinky, horrible banger basically”, Reuben Styles of Peking Duk (and the nascent Y.O.G.A.) explained that the track was the result of many years of admiring the the Liverpool outfit.

“Been such a massive fan of The Wombats for a bloody long time,” Styles noted. “So incredibly stoked we were able to make something work with them! Adam and Murph’s original session had some serious sparks and couldn’t be more happy with how we fleshed it out. Hope you guys love it as much as we do!”

The Wombats’ presence on the track serves as their first piece of work under that name since the release of Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life in 2018. Since then, Murph has launched his Love Fame Tragedy project, while Dan Haggis and Tord Øverland Knudsen have spent much of their time launching Sunship Balloon.

In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, Haggis explained that The Wombats are set to embark on the production of their next album quite soon.

“We’re going to be recording the new album in November, December of this year with a view to hopefully coming out next May, June time,” he explained.

“We’ve got a bunch of songs, and obviously COVID has messed apart all of our plans as well. So in a way it was nice that Murph had Love Fame Tragedy and we had Sunship Balloon to sort of look forward to some more immediate releases. Obviously we can’t actually get together with The Wombats, and now it’s looking like we’re actually going to have to record the album remotely as well, which will be a first – it’s going to be crazy.”

Peking Duk and The Wombats’ “Nothing to Love About Love” is officially out now.