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Oliver Cronin Recruits Lil XXEL for Captivating Heartbreak Anthem

“We wanted to make a song that people could cry to, but also dance to at the same time”

Oliver Cronin Lil XXEL collaboration

ason “JSN” Washington Jr.

Fresh off a busy few years, Byron Bay local Oliver Cronin has returned with a cool collaboration with Lil XXEL.

Cronin met Lil XXEL in LA last year at a writing session, returning to Australia with new single “I Need You”.

”Me and XXEL made this last November, the very first time we linked up in LA. We wanted to make a song that people could cry to, but also dance to at the same time.” explains Oliver. “The track is about the memories of a past relationship and regretting how things ended up, it’s kind of an “I want you back” type song.”

“Creating this song with Oliver became an outlet for our emotions,” says Lil XXEL about the collaboration. “A way to sort of process the depth of our feelings and articulate the magnitude of love we each once had for a person. Each word, each note carries the weight of our longing, echoing the emptiness we feel without them by our side. It’s a raw, heartfelt expression of our yearning to rekindle our lost love.”

Millions of streams and a debut EP into his career after just three years since his first official release, it was 2022 that proved to be the breakthrough Cronin needed. He released his debut EP, Beautiful Nightmare, that year, which contained ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, a massive hit that’s been streamed over six million times on Spotify since its release.

Following the release of “I Need You”, Cronin is back in LA working on his upcoming debut album. According to Cronin his eagerly-anticipated full-length project is a “big step up sonically” for the artist. 

While in LA, Cronin also made a music video for the collaboration with Lil XXEL, which you can check out below. 

Oliver Cronin’s “I Need You” (ft. Lil XXEL) is out now.