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NOFX Releases ‘I Love You More Than I Hate Me’ to Cheer Up Fans

Song is the first of several to be released in the next two weeks

NOFX have returned to help you fight boredom and gloom during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The punk band has released a new song, “I Love You More Than I Hate Me,” and an accompanying music video.

“We’re all stuck at home right now so here’s the first of many new free NOFX songs,” the band wrote on YouTube. They plan to drop several more tracks in the next two weeks “in hopes of cheering folks up.”

“I realized today that I have tons of new NOFX songs and videos from our new album, which won’t be out ’til sometime this summer, but since everyone’s, like, stuck at home and bored, I’m just gonna release a bunch of songs now so people can all enjoy them before we’re all dead,” frontman Fat Mike added on Instagram.


The boisterous song has an NSFW video directed by Chris Graue. If the clip, which depicts various versions of suicide, isn’t the mood-booster you’re looking for, just listen to the track itself.

NOFX released their last album, First Ditch Effort, in 2016.