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Ninajirachi Finally Knows Her Sound: ‘girl EDM’

The producer’s new EP is described as a “sister and sequel” to last year’s ‘4×4’ EP


Billy Zammit

Ninajirachi has shared her new EP, girl EDM, and you’ll never guess which genre the project is about.

The successor to her positively received 2023 EP 4×4, Ninajirachi’s new release offers a refreshing take on existing EDM styles, the Australian producer exploring the sounds that initially inspired her to pursue music production.

As Ninajirachi says, “It’s just girl EDM… You get it or you don’t.”

“People love to ask artists how they’d describe their sound, and recently I realised mine is literally girl EDM,” she adds. “EDM was the music that first made me want to become a producer when I was a 12 year old in 2012.

“My tastes grew and changed but EDM and dance pop raised me and so many in my generation. Girl EDM is like a sister and sequel to my 4×4 EP from 2023, they are like one big project in my mind. If I had more patience it probably would have been one big album.”

On the title track, Ninajirachi channels a synth-pop vs. electro-house ego, and it’s the most recent track made on the EP.

“All the other songs on the EP are at least 8 months old, but this one I made literally a month ago when I got home from my USA tour. I’m glad it was done in time to make the tracklist, because it’s probably the most up-to-date representation of what I’m producing right now,” she reveals.

Girl EDM also features previous single “Ninacamina”, a full throttle collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Izzy Camina.

“My collaboration with Izzy started over a year ago as a remix and later evolved into something completely new. I love marrying the icy, textural side of my production with early EDM sounds, the kind of music that made me want to become a producer when I was a child. I only hope I can keep getting better at it,” Ninajirachi says.

Ninajirachi’s 4×4 EP cemented her growing reputation in Australia, and she headed overseas to show off her production chops in North America earlier this year, including appearances at Lollapalooza, Breakaway Festival, and Imagine Festival.

Ninajirachi’s girl EDM EP is out now via NLV Records.