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Mxmtoon, Carly Rae Jepsen Tell Exes It’s ‘OK on Your Own’ in New Song

Track appears on singer’s upcoming Dusk EP

Mxmtoon and Carly Rae Jepsen detail the reasons their respective relationships didn’t work out while also telling their exes — and themselves — that they will all be “OK on Your Own” on Mxmtoon’s new single. The song appears on the singer’s upcoming Dusk EP, which arrives on October 1st.

They each take turns on verses, with their voices coming together on the pre-chorus and chorus. “And I hate to leave you feeling all alone/But your story cannot start until you’ve grown,” they sing. “You can find how to be OK on your own/I just can’t be the one that makes you feel at home.”

The accompanying visualizer captures the contemplative vibes of the song. Mxmtoon traverses mostly empty city streets, masked and alone. She’s seen on a rooftop, walking her bike down various streets and sidewalks, studies her reflection in a mirror and descends into the subway.

“I was beyond excited to work on this track and have it be graced by Carly Rae Jepsen, someone who stands for empowerment and knows the themes of love and loneliness all too well,” Mxmtoon said in a statement. “My hope for the song is that ‘OK on Your Own’ can let people know that vulnerability is never something to be afraid of, and admitting you need time for yourself and support from a friend is sometimes a necessary step — sometimes relationships aren’t meant to work.”

From Rolling Stone US