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Miiesha Teams up With Briggs, JessB, and more for ‘Nyaaringu’ Remixes

The arrival of the two-track remix package comes as Miiesha shares her debut Nyaaringu EP in a physical format for the first time.


Months after it was first unleashed into the world, Miiesha has celebrated the physical release of her Nyaaringu EP with the unveiling of a two-track remix package, featuring the talents of Briggs, JessB, and more.

Hailing from the small Aboriginal community of Woorabinda in Central Queensland, Miiesha first released Nyaaringu in May, with critical acclaim flowing from every possible outlet, with stations such as triple j, FBI, RRR, and 4ZZ all naming it their feature album upon its arrival.

“Nyaaringu is a collection of stories that I wanted to tell,” Miiesha explained at the time. “For me it represents my journey and where I’m at now coming from Woorabinda. The interludes in the collection are recordings of my grandmother speaking. For me she was and always will stay with me as the strongest voice in my life so I felt she had to be a part of this with me.”

Now, with Nyaaringu receiving a physical release on CD and vinyl today, Miiesha has complemented this monumental achievement with the release of a two-track remix package.

The first of these tracks sees Briggs, who took Miiesha out on her first shows in 2019, adding his talents to “Blood Cells” and addressing the ongoing systemic racism and police brutality that tragically plagues this country’s First Nations people.

“Hold Strong” closes out this package, with Hoodzy, JessB, and Jesswar bringing an intense, introspective feminine energy to the exceptional track.

The release of these remixes wraps up a stellar fortnight for Miiesha, who was not only named Best New Talent at the National Indigenous Music Awards, but also performed a special performance of “Caged Bird” and “Twisting Words” from the historical Capricorn Caves for an episode of ABC’s The Sound.

The remixes of Miiesha’s “Blood Cells” and “Hold Strong” are streaming now, while physical releases of Nyaaringu are also available.