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Meg Mac Returns with New Single, ‘Is It Worth Being Sad?’

Her first new single since 2019, “Is it Worth being Sad?” sees Meg Mac entering a new era of her life and artistry.

Heather Gildroy*

Meg Mag has shared her first new song since 2019, returning with the powerful “Is it Worth Being Sad?” today.

Having first burst onto the scene close to a decade ago following massive success through triple j Unearthed, it wasn’t until 2017 that Meg Mac unveiled her debut album, with Low Blows hitting number two on the ARIA charts. While she followed it up just two years later with Hope, fans have been left wondering ever since what the future holds.

Now, she’s returned from the stasis of these last two years with a track that undeniably speaks to the emotions felt by the masses, with “Is it Worth Being Sad?” attempting to answer the titular question.

Opening with a haunting vocal loop as Meg Mac asks the question we’ve all been thinking, minimal percussion soon gives way to an explosive chorus as we receive one of the most powerful and arresting performances of her career to date.

The visceral emotion felt within the track isn’t accidental either, with its own inspiration being born out of a tale of trauma, escape, and re-discovery.

“I had just run away to the country,” she recalls. “I was running away from my troubles. I was living in peace and quiet finally and really thought I’d figured it all out, and it was all smooth sailing ahead. It was the start of sorting out my life. This song was like my first step—I didn’t know it then, though.”

Produced by acclaimed duo The Donuts (Kendrick Lamar, H.E.R.), the track heralds a new era in Meg Mac’s artistry. Recruiting former Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent as her own CD, “Is it Worth Being Sad?” also comes accompanied by an Alissa Torvinen-directed video clip which sees Meg forging through a storm to calmer seas and brighter skies.

Though it remains to be seen whether “Is it Worth Being Sad?” is the first taste of a new record from Meg Mac, it’s undeniable that we’re witnessing an artist who has not only found herself as an artist, but is moving ahead and carving out a truly powerful path.

Meg Mac’s “Is it Worth Being Sad?” is out now.