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Mdou Moctar Shreds With a Wah-Wah for First Time on New Song ‘Nakanegh Dich’

Afrique Victime outtake will appear on expanded digital reissue, due out this week

Mdou Moctar unleashes a mighty solo on his new song, “Nakanegh Dich,” an upbeat outtake from last year’s celebrated album, Afrique Victime.

“This is Mdou’s very first time using a wah pedal,” bassist and producer, Mikey Coltun, said in a statement. “At some point, Mdou called Rob [Schnapf, co-producer] into the studio and asked him to control the wah with his foot while Mdou shredded a solo.” The result is a trippy yet intricately played psychedelic ripper.

“Nakanegh Dich” will feature on an upcoming expanded edition of Afrique Victime, due out digitally on Thursday, Feb. 24. Other bonus material includes rough demos or live renditions of other songs on the original LP.

“These are a mix of demos from Niger and some live tracks from touring around the world, when we were still working out the songs together as a band,” Coltun said. “These are fun and different early versions of the songs.” The reissue arrives on the first date of a Moctar’s North American tour.

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In a review, Rolling Stone gave Afrique Victime four out of five stars. “This is how free rock & roll should sound,” the magazine wrote.

Moctar also spoke with Rolling Stone about the album, touching on the spirit of improvisation that fueled songs like “Nakanegh Dich.” “I think curiosity can help music evolve continuously,” he said. He also hinted at the type of music he’ll be making in the future. “What’s inspiring me at the moment is what’s happening here in Africa,” he said. “My music is going to become more inspired by revolution, I really want to compose on that theme. It’s what seems relevant to me at the moment. We’re facing problems related to terrorism, injustice, corruption, and the ongoing exploitation of the country by France. I want future albums to touch on those themes.”

Afrique Victime digital deluxe edition track list:

1. “Chismiten”
2. “Taliat”
3. “Ya Habibti”
4. “Tala Tannam”
5. “Untitled”
6. “Asdikte Akal”
7. “Layla”
8. “Afrique Victime”
9. “Bismilahi Atagah”
10. “Chismiten” (Demo)
11. “Taliat” (Live)
12. “Ya Habibti” (Demo)
13. “Tala Tannam” (Demo)
14. “Asdikte Akal” (Live)
15. “Layla” (Live)
16. “Afrique Victime” (Live)
17. “Bismilahi Atagah” (Demo)
18. “Nakanegh Dich” (Demo)

From Rolling Stone US