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MAY-A Teams with Fragile Minds for Upcycled, Gender-Neutral Merch Line

Working with the Sydney-based designers, the sustainably made line features reworked and reimagined garments sourced from Depop.

Image of MAY-A


Following on from the arrival of her recently-released debut EP, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, Sydney musician MAY-A has continued to kick goals, teaming up with designers Fragile Minds for a sustainably made, upcycled, gender-neutral merch line.

Announced today, the new merch line consists of just nine items, with the collection made up entirely of upcycled garments sourced from Depop, before being reworked and reimagined via Fragile Minds.

Following in line with the Fragile Minds ethos, the inspiration behind each garment is designed to “expose certain fragilities that are current and relevant in today’s world”, with hopes that new thoughts and perspectives around the topic of fragility and raised and fostered as a result.

As MAY-A (the moniker of Maya Cumming) explains, the collection serves as another extension of her already-impressive multi-faceted world, which already extends across music, illustration, film, and video.

“I chose to work with Josh [Lee, Head Designer for Fragile Minds] because I think everything he does is awesome,” MAY-A explained in a statement. “I support everything his brand stands for. His designs are original, his clothing is handmade by him in his room, his friends shoot and model in his collections. He has something to say and that’s special. I’d trust him with any designs.”

“Although tricky with COVID, working with Maya has been great!” Lee echoes. “We both resonate on similar ideas, so the process was both quick and enjoyable!

“With this collection I tried to keep everything as simple as possible. I wanted to make sure that the key features of the original garment were still present whilst still having that ‘Fragile Minds x MAYA‘ kick. Maya’s an amazing artist and seeing what she’s doing is very inspiring! Always enjoy working with her and am excited to see what comes from this connection in the future!”

Describing the new merch line in the simplistic phrase; “up-cycled vintage made from scratch”, the MAY-A x Fragile Minds for Depop line is currently for sale via MAY-A’s Depop store.

MAY-A’s Fragile Minds merch line collaboration is online now at her Depop store, while her debut EP, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, is out now.